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My First Edition

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You never forget your first time ;) This is a box for musical newbies and those who want a soft start into the world of winning tastes in music.

The package includes the edition specific game board and question cards and point cards, four of eight collectable shot glasses that act as game pieces. 


Shipping costs starting at 8,90€ depending on your location and amount of games you bought. Shipping cost will be calculated on checkout.

Package includes

- Game board

- 4x Shot glasses

- Point Cards

- Question Cards

My First EditionMy First Edition

Group Orders?

Contact our sales team and we will make you a package deal.


Virtual Gaming

You might have the best taste in music of  all your friends, or you think you do. 

In the virtual tournaments you have the chance to prove yourself, I might be totally wrong but perhaps you actually have the best taste in music. 

Jump into the tournaments and find likeminded fools to compete against! I know you want to, don’t give my any crap now!

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