You think you’re cool, I have to disagree.

Rating is everything & your own questions is da shit.

What’s the best song of all time? Who had the craziest outfits? What was Germany’s “contribution” in the 70s? So many questions.

Cool Cat Games is set of board games where gamers pitch (play) their answers to musical questions that their friends then rate. The idea here is obviously to find out who has the best taste.

Tastes come in many shapes and forms, so at the core of the game is also getting gaming questions from Cool Cat heroes in the community that can be challenged in future editions.

Your questions

Choose your poison

With great support from OGAE Finland we are starting with 5 initial editions of the game:

70s, 80s, 90s, “Gems” & “My First”.

Virtual Gaming

You might have the best taste in music of  all your friends, or you think you do. 

In the virtual tournaments you have the chance to prove yourself, I might be totally wrong but perhaps you actually have the best taste in music. 

Jump into the tournaments and find likeminded fools to compete against! I know you want to, don’t give my any crap now!

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Collect & make them jealous

We have 8 different cat glasses as pawns for the game. Which one do you take to heart? Pick the one that’s “you” and start playing! Or perhaps collecting cats it your thing? More glasses / pawns will be added to keep things interesting.